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Filipino Tech Company VCTNaDS to Add NinjaOne to Roster of Digital Solutions with Grand Launch in October | Monchster Chronicles

VCT Network and Data Solution (VCTNaDS), a Filipino-founded company focusing on premier IT products and services that aim to future-proof the daily operations of the organization, will formally launch NinjaOne, a global leader in Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM). NinjaOne’s grand launch in the Philippines will be held on the 27th of October 2022 at the ColLab by Sheraton Manila.

NinjaOne, which is coming off a successful rebranding in November 2021, will add to VCTNaDS’s impressive but still growing range of digital solutions that span hardware, software development, network and cabling, and managed IT services. It is also offering already NinjaOne’s RMM tool, which has been rated number 1 in the world for 11 consecutive years for saving organizations time and money in their IT operations. NinjaOne RMM, in particular, boasts full automation that can solve unexpected IT incidents with ease, but without any human intervention. Its other features include: 

Patch management


Asset inventory and management

Reporting for compliance audit

Policy enforcement

Network and endpoint monitoring

Proactive monitoring 

Antivirus protection 

Ticketing services

With NinjaOne set to launch in the Philippines soon, local businesses big and small will also be able to avail of its other products through VCTNaDS, the sole Filipino channel partner of the U.S.-based company. Among these products are Ninja Ticketing, Ninja Documentation, and Ninja Data Protection, along with a comprehensive roster of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings that can simplify IT management with features such as instant monitoring, centralized management and comprehensive support for all devices and end-users—from anywhere.

NinjaOne’s grand launch comes at a most opportune time. The Philippines, along with its Southeast Asian neighbours, is in the midst of digital transformation, and local businesses in response are starting to leverage technology to the fullest. This increasing reliance on innovation is, however, putting immense pressure on IT teams, who are now being tasked to manage different technology stacks, ensure smooth operations every day and attend to issues as they arise—all at the same time.

Further complicating matters for Filipino IT teams is the rise of remote work and the seeming normalization of hybrid work arrangements, both of which are making IT management harder and trickier. The entry of NinjaOne in the Philippines is bound to uncomplicate things for IT teams and organizations as a whole, as NinjaOne’s intuitive, cloud-based platform can modernize IT management, simplify complex IT tasks, support a distributed workforce, and detect and troubleshoot common IT issues.

“We are beyond thrilled to bring NinjaOne over to the Philippines, and so too should IT decision-makers and C-Level executives,” said Jay Villanueva, General Manager at VCTNaDS. “Technology is a key driver of business success nowadays, but so often companies struggle to maximize it because they are unable to manage it well enough to be a differentiator. NinjaOne can help organizations address this problem and pave the way for businesses to digitally transform and keep pace with ever-evolving innovations.”

Critically, NinjaOne being cloud-based and as-a-Service eliminates generally costly CapEx, with expenses shifted to OpEx on a pay-as-you-use model. This effectively transforms an organization’s IT from being just a cost center to being both a growth lever for businesses and a source of innovation.

“Introducing NinjaOne to local businesses underscores our commitment at VCT Network to provide our partners the most cost-effective information technology services and solutions possible,” added Villanueva. “NinjaOne’s products, particularly its award-winning RMM, fit that bill as they can greatly reduce IT complexity and improve efficiency and are perfectly aligned with our vision to become a provider of quality services in ICT.”

The grand launch will give key decision-makers in IT an exclusive, firsthand look at what NinjaOne has to offer and how its products can help organizations in their digital transformation journey. Expected to grace the affair are executives from both NinjaOne and VCTNaDS, as well as C-Level personnel from mid to major corporations across many industries. 


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