Friday, June 26, 2020

Hino FL 10-Wheeler Truck: Virtual Launch | Monchster Chronicles

Hino Motors Philippines (HMP), the exclusive distributor of Hino trucks and buses in the country, introduces the newest addition to its 500 series of medium-duty trucks, the all-new Hino FL 10-wheeler. The Facebook Livestream launch of the latest Hino truck also marks the company’s first virtual launch in the Philippines. 

Designed to provide Total Support, the all-new Hino FL 10-wheeler truck sets a new standard for medium-duty trucks with its improved safety and comfort, superior reliability, and optimum fuel economy. With all these features, the Hino FL 10-wheeler truck is ready to cater to the various trucking and logistics needs of Filipinos nationwide.

“We at Hino will always be a committed and solid business partner that continuously innovates and adapts to the changing needs of our customers. We expand our product portfolio and broaden our trucking solutions to provide our customers with the right Hino truck that meets their business needs. 

With this new Hino truck, we aim to partner with more businesses and establishments and support more Filipinos in this time of need. We assure our customers of the Hino promise of reducing total running cost and downtime and maximizing lifetime value through the excellent quality of our aftersales services”, said HMP Chairman Vicente T. Mills, Jr.  

HMP President Mitsuharu Tabata further highlighted the Hino FL 10-wheeler truck’s significance to Hino’s decades-long mission. “Every part of the new truck unit is engineered to deliver powerful performance. Like its predecessors, the truck bears the premium Japanese quality Hino is globally known for. This new truck embodies Hino’s mission of making the world a better place by helping people and goods get where they need to go – safely, economically, and environmentally responsible,” shared Mitsuharu.

Powerful truck performance

The new Hino 500 truck, which has a complete truck model name of FL8J, supports a load capacity of up to 18,620kg and a total gross vehicle weight of 26,000kg. It is powered by Hino J08E, a six-cylinder and Euro 4-compliant engine that delivers increased output, greater cooling, improved fuel efficiency, and lower carbon emission.

The truck uses a nine-speed manual transmission system and has 320 Liters fuel capacity. It can reach up to 108 kph maximum speed and 2,600rpm maximum engine speed, with 40.4 percent grade-ability at full load capacity. Its suspension features semi-elliptical leaf springs on both the front and the rear sides.

Improved safety and comfort 

Highlighting Hino’s emphasis on safety, the all-new Hino FL truck is equipped with full-air dual circuit brakes with an anti-lock braking system (ABS), featuring leading and trailing shoe brake system with auto brake shoe adjuster and air operated spring brake to assist during parking. 

The truck is built with Hino’s Easy Start (ES) technology, which assists the driver in safely maneuvering the vehicle during steep inclines by maintaining a braking force that prevents the truck from rolling backward and making other accidental movements. The ES technology simultaneously allows the driver to reduce fatigue by resting their feet off the brake pedals and automatically releasing the brakes once the clutch is engaged. This feature, which operates in both forward and reverse gears, optimizes the truck’s overall performance by minimizing maintenance costs through reduced stress placed on the brakes and clutch while boosting driver comfort and safety. 

The easy-to-adjust seat suspension system is ergonomically designed to secure a smooth and safe ride for the driver and helps prevent back injuries. The truck’s air conditioning system, power windows and doors are all strategically assembled to boost the driver’s comfort, performance, and productivity.


The all-new Hino FL truck is available in all Hino 3S dealerships nationwide at the starting price of Php3.775M for a 32ft. body. Customers may request a quotation online through Hino’s official Facebook page or website.

For the complete list of Hino dealership locations and other contact information, customers may refer to this link. Other corporate announcements and promo updates are also available on Hino’s official website and its Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Monch "Monchster" Henares is an award-winning automotive journalist and feature writer for the Philippine Daily Inquirer's Road Talk, a media blogger, co-founder of and a co-anchor in the program 'Kaya Mo Yan' on DZRH News Tele-radio.  He is also a tech and motoring specialist, inventor, and automotive engineer. 

He managed the motor pool for a limousine company in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. He is now based in Manila, Philippines, and is the President of BuildMeUp Corp.

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