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MICHELIN AGILIS 3: A Well-Engineered Commercial Light Truck Tire for Moving People and Goods

Michelin, the world’s leading tire company, is set to launch MICHELIN Agilis 3 into the commercial light truck tire market, targeting conventional load customers involved in people and goods transportation activities. The newly launched tire aims to capture the larger high-potential, light-load segment with exceptional solutions – in terms of safety, performance, and environment.

Shane Chadderton, B2B Marketing – Urban Mobility, Michelin East Asia and Oceania

Shane Chadderton, B2B Marketing – Urban Mobility, Michelin East Asia and Oceania reveals: “In line with Michelin’s “Performance and Safety Made to Last” brand promise, the new MICHELIN Agilis 3 is outfitted with innovative technologies and sophisticated features for long-lasting performance with optimum safety and environmental friendliness. These attributes not only provide a competitive advantage over current competitors in the same market segment but also reinforces Michelin’s commitment to more sustainable mobility. Essentially, this tire is well-positioned to be a sustainable urban growth engine. The latest breakthrough is further evidence of Michelin Group’s sustainable performance strategy in favor of safer, cleaner, more accessible and more efficient mobility.”

Key technologies and features incorporated in MICHELIN Agilis 3 include the following: Stone Ejectors, horizontal bars in the tread groove designed to minimize stone trapping, resulting in a tire that keeps customers’ downtime to a minimum and lowers their running costs; Sidewall Shields, made with an abrasion-resistant rubber compound, that provide extra sidewall shoulder protection of 1.5mm thickness versus the current generation, without compromising the casing flexibility; Innovative Compound with a higher density of silica & carbon black materials for improved wet grip, fuel-saving, and mileage performances; U-Shape Grooves that allow a higher water clearance for lasting wet grip performance; Full Depth Sipes that help ensure good flexibility of the tread blocks, resulting in market-leading wet grip performance, both when new and when worn; and Undertread which keeps the operating temperature cooler, thus reducing fuel costs. 

With the aforementioned technologies and features, MICHELIN Agilis 3 delivers 3 outstanding benefits: shorter wet braking distance, 5% or up to 1.9 meters shorter when new, and 11% or up to 3.8 meters shorter when worn, when compared to its major competitors (1); superior mileage performance, 25% more mileage compared to its previous generation, with less downtime caused by tire damage (2); 12% superior rolling resistance (3), plus 90ml/100km less fuel consumption and 228g/100km less CO2 emission, than average competitors.

Also mentioned during the virtual launch “As 97% of MICHELIN Agilis 3 are sourced within the region, it ensures effective on-demand delivery across Asia Pacific countries, as well as minimizes environmental impact and shipment costs. Moreover, the newly launched tire is specifically designed with reinforced casing to meet the challenges of the region’s usages and road conditions. With uncompromised performance plus all the benefits and advantages that come with it under the ‘Safer for Longer’ slogan, we are convinced that MICHELIN Agilis 3 will be warmly received and greatly appreciated in the Philippines.”

The new MICHELIN Agilis 3 is now available at Michelin’s authorized commercial light truck tire dealers across the nation, you may check dealers near you on this link: All size ranges (including 4 new sizes), from 13- to 17-inch diameter, cover the entire light 1-to-3-ton load segment of the Philippines’ commercial light truck tire market. For further details, please visit

(1) Wet braking test conducted by TUV Rheinland Thailand Ltd, on Michelin’s request, in June 2020, on dimension 215/70R15C on Toyota Hiace Commuter, laden condition of 2,950 kg GVW. Comparing NEW and WORN MICHELIN Agilis 3 versus three other competitor brands of tyres. WORN condition: tres tested at 2mm remaining tread depth.

(2)  Test result from Michelin internal test, conducted on real roads in Thailand, with 215/70R15C tires fitted on Ford Ranger (pick-up truck). Load: Front axle: 1446 kg / Rear axle: 1443 kg. Wear life index was calculated by the “Harmonic average” of 4 tires assuming the Customer regularly rotates tires.

(3) Rolling Resistance Test performed at Thailand Automotive Institute and certified by TUV Rheinland Thailand Ltd, on Michelin’s request, in December 2019, on dimension 215/70R15C. Comparing MICHELIN Agilis 3 versus other competitor brands.

 For the list of Sizes available in PH :

165/80R13LT 90/88R

185/80R14C 102/100R

195/80R14C 106/104R

205/75R14C 109/107R

195/70R15C 104/102S

195/80R15C 108/106S

205/70R15C 106/104S

215/70R15C 109/107S

225/70R15C 112/110S

195/75R16C 107/105T

215/70R16C 108/106T

235/65R16C 115/113T

215/65R17C 112/110T

235/60R17C 117/115T

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