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Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI) Makes Headlines with the Inauguration of its Hyundai Trucks and Buses Cebu Dealership Facility || Monchster Chronicles


Hyundai Trucks and Buses (HTB) News top story: the virtual launch of Hyundai Trucks and Buses Cebu

In their new virtual launch concept titled Hyundai Trucks and Buses (HTB) News, Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), the official distributor of Hyundai commercial vehicles (CV) in the country, presented their refreshed, dedicated dealership facility in Central Visayas, the Hyundai Trucks and Buses Cebu, owned and operated by one of HARI’s pioneer dealers, Hyundai Cebu, Inc. (HCI).

The launch, conducted via Zoom, highlights Hyundai’s strong commitment to expanding their CV business in the Visayas region, told in a newscast-inspired format that showcases inspiring stories about the country’s continuing strides toward shaping a progressive society, and how Hyundai makes a meaningful impact on their partners in various businesses, industries, and in the community that the brand actively participates in. 


During the program, Hyundai Trucks and Buses Cebu showcased their refreshed 3S (sales, service, spare parts) dealership facility inspired by Hyundai’s Global Dealership Space Identity (GDSI), which boasts of up to 2,000 square meters of elegant space that houses a robust line-up of Hyundai trucks and buses, provides superior service and maintenance, and supports the customer with their dependable team of professionals ready to respond to their needs in areas of sales, service, and customer care.


Through this new milestone, Hyundai Trucks and Buses Cebu aims to continue helping enterprising Filipinos in moving their businesses further into more progressive ventures.  “Helping you advance your business toward the outcomes that you aim for is paramount to our mission in growing a fruitful partnership with you,” reinforced Mr. Edward Vincent G. Onglatco, President of Hyundai Trucks and Buses Cebu, while assuring that “You can trust that we shall treat your business in the best way we know how—by keeping your best interests at heart and delivering on our promise of partnership and service the Cebuano way…with integrity, care, and commitment.”            


The government likewise extended their well-wishes to HARI’s and HCI’s launching through the honorable Secretary Michael Lloyd L. Dino, Presidential Assistant to the Visayas. Congratulating the launch of Hyundai Trucks and Buses Cebu, Secretary Dino acknowledged HARI’s and HCI’s continuing contribution to the country’s economy, emphasizing that “As we move forward along the path to economic recovery amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we look into the future with optimism and relief that we have partners such as HARI and HCI that will uplift Visayas economy, ensuring our continued growth and sustained development in the region.” 

The future of mobility looks bright in Cebu.  Hyundai Trucks and Buses Cebu stands tall and confident in Cebu City, ready to build a bold business with you.


A powerhouse CV dealer partner in the Visayas


As one of the four pioneer dealerships of HARI, HCI has built its name on a rock-solid foundation as an automotive provider.  Prior to being appointed as an official dealer of HARI in 2002, it has already credited 20 years of experience in the auto industry to its name, which further gives credence to the dealership’s stalwart standing as a business mover in Cebu.


HCI’s growth within two decades as HARI’s official dealership is stellar, with glowing remarks in the sales and after-sales front.  HCI was awarded three times as Dealer of the Year (2007, 2008, 2009) by HARI and was honored Asia-Pacific Dealer of the Year twice (2008, 2009) by Hyundai Motor Company.


Tough act to follow.  When the going gets tough, you can trust these Hyundai trucks to keep on going.

Upon its appointment as official Hyundai CV dealer by HARI in 2016, HCI showed strong performance as well.  Hyundai Trucks and Buses Cebu was bestowed three significant recognitions as Top Sales Team, Best in County Sales, and Best in Light-Medium Duty Sales by HARI in 2017.  2018 saw Hyundai Trucks and Buses Cebu rank 2nd in the Award of Excellence for Wholesale, and in 2019, their hard work paid off once more, as they emerged a champion in Top Performance for truck sales, and Best in Over-the-counter Parts Sales, all in HARI’s CV Dealer of the Year Awards.


Despite the challenges of the pandemic that hit in 2020, HCI moved to continue elevating their dealership operations at Hyundai Trucks and Buses Cebu by revitalizing their facility through Hyundai GDSI-inspired standards.  Fast forward to 2021, HCI has forged ahead with a refreshed facility that’s ready to help Cebu build a bold business.


“We, at HARI, congratulate the efforts of Hyundai Trucks and Buses Cebu for coming full circle in its aim to sustain their competitiveness in the market, as well as to remain true to Hyundai’s commitment to be a partner in every way,” expressed Ms. Ma. Fe Perez-Agudo, HARI President and CEO.  To this, Mr. Joo Yeon (Matthew) Lim, General Manager of Hyundai Motor Company (HMC) for global exports of Hyundai Commercial Vehicles in Asia-Pacific Region and Latin America, also added, “With this invigorating new space, we are confident that Hyundai Trucks and Buses Cebu shall be able to continue growing lasting partnerships with entrepreneurs and movers of the economy that shall pave the way forward to progress.”   


Looking ahead into the future of mobility in some of the most extraordinary years of the Philippine automotive industry, the powerhouse partnership of HMC, HARI, and HCI remains undaunted and ready to bring progressive business to life.


Hyundai Trucks and Buses Cebu is located along J. De Veyra St., North Reclamation Area, Cebu City, 6000.  To inquire about their line-up of Hyundai commercial vehicles, you may call at (032) 272-3333 or (0917) 720-1605.  


To know more about HARI and Hyundai commercial vehicles, visit  You may also inquire or request for a quote at Hyundai e-B2B: easy Booking to Buying platform: or email Hyundai CARES at

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