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2020 Jeep Compass Longitude 4X2 Review: A Stunning SUV with a Commanding Presence | Monchster Chronicles


Where roads end, chart your own course with your trusty Compass.

Text and Photos by Monch Henares

At First Glance

I could not help but notice the Jeep Compass SUV's curvaceous stance and sleek aerodynamic profile which blends sporty styling with sweeping curves to create a look that is as confident on the outdoor trail as on the urban scene.

Jeep Compass SUV's curvaceous stance and sleek aerodynamic profile

Dressed in "Granite Crystal" color, this Longitude variant features Halogen Projector Headlights, LED Taillights, Fog Lights, and Cornering Lights that blend form with function. The taillamps contour themselves in harmony to the sweeping curvature of the Compass, offering a distinct look that stands out – both in design and on the road.  In the congested compact SUV market, every detail on the Compass stands out.

Body-color side mirrors with chrome accents and integrated side signal lamps

The body-color side mirrors with chrome accents and integrated side signal lamps enhance the Compass exterior’s eye-catching polished design.

 20 centimeters of ground clearance

With about 20 centimeters of ground clearance, the Compass stood tall and athletic while wearing its 225/60R17 All-Season Tires fitted on 17x 7.0 5-Spoke Alloy Wheels for shoes. 

225/60R17 All-Season Tires fitted on 17x 7.0 5-Spoke Alloy Wheels

The designers and engineers of the Compass instilled the passion and excitement of the brand into every element of the vehicle. The detail and finish are unique. When it comes to its design, it has a soft smooth-flowing appeal hidden in its Jeep tough exterior that helps it blend in nicely with the other SUVs in the compact SUV segment. 

7-slotted grille motif 

All Jeep vehicles have this 7-slotted grille motif that makes one instantly recognize the world-renowned iconic brand. The Jeep brand has a roster of several capable SUVs. A bit larger than the Renegade, but smaller than the Cherokee, the 2021 Jeep Compass fits right in the middle in the compact SUV segment. 


The Jeep Compass interior rethinks and redefines the rugged SUV cabin experience. Quality materials,  craftsmanship, and state-of-the-art high-tech features blur the lines between urbanity and off-road capability.

The Cockpit

As soon as I sat on the fabric/vinyl low back bucket driver's seat, I felt that American-made comfort. The 6-way seat adjustment and the tilt/telescope Steering column, though they adjusted manually, were enough to place me at my perfect driving position. I could also tilt the headrests and adjust the height. Jeep even created a center console with a sliding armrest to make driving more pleasurable. I could even store my gadgets, connect and charge them from inside this console for a neater, cord-free cabin. I felt pretty much pampered sitting on the captain's seat

It had the basic air-conditioning system, nothing fancy, but it did its job in keeping the cabin all cool and comfortable.

Powered Full Moonroof

My favorite feature in any car is a moonroof or sunroof. This Compass was equipped with a Full-Sunroof which let a lot of UV-filtered light and a view of the heavens into both the front and rear passenger areas. It also had a motorized fabric curtain if you wanted some privacy from above.

7-inch multiview Driver Information Digital Cluster Display

The 7-inch multiview Driver Information Digital Cluster Display is an informative and easy-to-read full-color display. It is also fully configurable, allowing you to tailor your personal settings and graphics to suit your every need. The display integrates detailed media information such as song, artist and station, a full-speed gauge, trip computer, and more.

I was surprised not to see my pet peeve features such as Cruise Control and Auto Lights. At least it had a loud good-sounding pair of horns.

The Compass is the first Jeep vehicle to be equipped with the new 4th generation Uconnect Infotainment systems. With a high-resolution display and faster response times, plus drag and drop and pinch-to-zoom functionality, these new systems will keep you connected to the things that matter while you maintain your focus on the road.

Uconnect 7-inch touchscreen Infotainment

Hands-Free Control is at your beck and call via the Uconnect Integrated Voice Command with Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to answer the phone, control music and entertainment features, without taking your hands off the wheel or eyes off the road. This system features a 7-inch touchscreen, AM/FM Radio, Apple CarPlay compatibility, Bluetooth Streaming Audio, Hands-Free Calling, Voice Recognition, and Steering Wheel Mounted Audio Controls. All these modern-day entertainment is played through an awesome-sounding 6-speaker system.


The Compass may make you wonder if it has enough space for both people and gear. Its clever design actually makes it more roomy, particularly for passengers. Adults can sit in either the front or back comfortably complete with dedicated AC vents, cup holders, and USB charging ports. 

Spacious Interior with Rear 60/40 Folding Seats

The cargo area of the Compass is not particularly huge. In fact, it is smaller than many rivals. However, its versatility is more than enough to make up for a little less space. The cargo area is nice and wide, making it easy to load and haul a variety of items. The Rear 60/40 Folding Seats can be folded flat to give more room to larger cargo. The front passenger seat can be folded forward to accommodate longer cargo, like a surfboard. If that is not enough, there are sturdy roof rails to tie even larger objects to.  There are conveniently located tie-downs in the back and cubby holds throughout the cabin for smaller items. Plus, there is under-floor storage at the rear for even more space and a place to hide valuables.

Versatile Cargo Space


This front-wheel-drive Compass is powered by the 4-Cyl 1.4-Liter MultiAir® Turbo engine with 162-Horsepower and 250-Nm of torque mated to a 7-speed Dual Dry Clutch Transmission. The acceleration felt sluggish, especially when alighting from a complete stop. It was better managed on the highway than on the stop-and-go traffic in the city.

The 7-Speed Transmission sometimes had the jitters when I had to maneuver the car in a tight spot. Moving the shifter from drive to reverse, then to drive again would confuse the transmission and cause it to shake and not move for a few seconds. 

7-Speed Transmission

The fuel economy is good, though not as impressive compared to a few other compact SUVs. Even with the Start-Stop system activated, this unit had an average fuel economy of 9.0 km/l during its 4 days with us.

Ride and Drive

The Compass has a composed ride on the pavement and does a good job of absorbing the bumps on the road. This makes it an equally good choice for daily driving and weekend adventures. Road and wind noise was kept at a minimum. The quietness will impress you until you operate the door locks. They surely are loud enough to surprise anyone.

Perhaps the finest part when driving the Compass is its assuring stability and high-speed refinement. Yet when you bring it out on twisty mountain roads, the Jeep Compass will want you to play and have a little bit of fun. 


The next generation Front Driver and Passenger Airbags incorporate its unique three-vent system to ensure optimal deployment for occupants of every size and weight.

It’s impossible to predict how weather, temperature, or terrain are going to affect the road ahead. This variant is equipped with standard active safety and security features—designed to assess road conditions and adjust vehicle performance to help the driver maintain control and stay safe and secure. 

 All-Speed Traction Control and Electronic Stability Control 

The Compass is now equipped with ERM, Electronic Roll Mitigation. Its main objective is to keep all tires on the ground at all time. The system tracks your steering wheel inputs and wheel speed. If it detects that you've suddenly given it a large steering wheel input, and you are moving too fast for that turn, it will instantly cut power from the engine and also apply the brakes to the appropriate wheel to make that maneuver a safe one. 

Stay on your intended path, thanks to the All-Speed Traction Control and Electronic Stability Control systems and the thousands of micro-adjustments it makes every second. The system monitors steering input and vehicle motion and then applies brakes and reduces engine torque to help keep you safely headed in the direction you want.

The parking aide system displays a rearview video image with dynamic gridlines

An extra set of eyes can come in handy. This parking aide system displays a rearview video image with dynamic gridlines when you shift into reverse. A dashed line overlay indicates the center of the vehicle to assist with parking or aligning to a hitch/receiver.

Help navigate tight parking spaces with this smart system. Four integrated sensors on the rear bumper pulse ultrasonic waves when the vehicle is shifted into reverse. Adjacent sensors pick up the echo of a signal when it bounces off an object and notify the driver when the vehicle gets too close. No more close calls.

An emergency button is included on the key fob. Push the button to trigger the horn and lights and draw attention to yourself when needed. 

It is equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring Display that will totally eliminate any tire pressure guesswork and unnecessary flats. It would remind you instantly once any tire deviates from its set pressure.

Designed For Your Lifestyle

Overall, the 2021 Jeep Compass has the capability and features to satisfy a variety of drivers' needs. It is a good choice for the modern Filipino family, largely due to its strong list of standard technology equipment. 

This Compass does compete well, not only when it comes to the versatility of the space it offers, but also when it comes to its on-road and off-road capability. It's a stunning vehicle with a commanding presence.

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