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JAC Philippines Introduces the 2022 JAC X100 @MIAS | Monchster Chronicles

JAC Philippines, the exclusive distributor of JAC light commercial vehicles (LCV), medium- and heavy-duty trucks unveiled its latest foray into the LCV market; the new JAC X100 at the Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) in Pasay City, now on display until Sunday April 10, 2022.

Rey Zaldy Ado Dela Cruz Marketing Manager, JAC Philippines

Launch of the 2022 JAC X100 at MIAS 2022 in Pasay City


The JAC X100 can be considered as a Jack-of-all-trades because it is highly versatile. It is available in various configurations – cab-and chassis, aluminum van, or FB body. It can function as the delivery truck for your business needs while serving as the shuttle for the employees and as a weekend getaway vehicle for the whole family.

X-pert Loading Capability

The JAC X100 is a real expert when it comes to loading and handling cargo and passengers. Its front and rear suspension consist of tough and durable leaf springs. The powerful turbodiesel engine packs 170 Newton-meters of torque! The cargo area is spacious because a larger FB body or aluminum container or cargo hold can be fitted to its 2.6-meter wheelbase. Plus, it can carry 1,000 kilograms or one metric ton easily.

X-act Fuel Consumption

With a thrifty but powerful 1.8-liter turbodiesel engine and 5-speed manual transmission, the JAC X100 delivers fuel efficiency that is essential for today’s spiraling gas prices. The EURO 4-compliant engine uses an exhaust gas recirculating (EGR) to minimize air pollution and promote further heat transfer and increased fuel mileage. Its 65-liter fuel tank capacity makes the JAC X100 ideal for long trips, whether for business deliveries or for out-of-town trips.

X-citing Looks and Performance 

The JAC X100 packs exciting looks and performance. It features a smooth aerodynamic fa├žade with flush-mounted headlights, windshield and door handles. The turbodiesel engine is torquey and powerful whenever you need it, anytime you need it. The car-like interior features ergonomic designs and easy-to-reach control. With power steering, power windows, power side mirrors, built-in front air-conditioning, and optional rear A/C, you’ll never get tired of driving the JAC X100 even on long trips or multiple deliveries.

100% Reliable 

For your business and family transportation needs, you can always rely on the new JAC X100. It comes with a 3-year/100,000-kilometer warranty, and a price that’s geared for the average entrepreneur in today’s post-pandemic economy. The INTRODUCTORY PRICES of the new JAC X100 is as follows:

JAC X100 Cab-and-Chassis – P750,000

JAC X 100 Dropside – P850,000   

JAC X100 FB Body – P910,000

JAC X100 Aluminum Van –  P870,000

The new JAC X100 is designed and meant for the Filipino business people and their families. Please visit the nearest JAC dealership or call 0908 - 111 - 1999 to get your dependable partner in business and in the journey of life. 

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