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The Love Bus Is Better the Second Time Around || Monchster Chronicles

Hino Motors Philippines (HMP) reignites the Love Bus nostalgia with its newest people carrier, the HS8J Low Floor City Bus. Keeping true to its predecessor’s legacy, this modern Love Bus offers smooth and pleasurable commutes for urban passengers. Designed for city operations, the HS8J Low Floor Bus features a ground clearance of 375 mm. This allows for a lower center of gravity, enhancing ride stability while reducing sway and roll inside the cabin. This makes it the ideal ride, even for standing passengers.

Prioritizing passenger convenience, the new Hino Low Floor City Bus features a side kneeling function. This provides ease of getting in and out of the vehicle as doors can be lowered to the standard gutter height. This emphasis on convenience is also apparent in the bus’s step-free design where passengers walk into a full-flat floor. With other low-entry city buses, passengers need to tackle a level of stairs before reaching the aisle. With the HS8J’s design, commuters have ready access to the aisle and seats right upon boarding. In fact, this bus features a larger flat-floor area compared with other low-floor city buses plying our roads. A folding ramp for boarding as well as a dedicated space for wheelchairs is integrated into the vehicle to accommodate priority passengers.

Adding on comfort, the HS8J optimizes cabin space with a combination of front and side-facing seats. This configuration creates a spacious aisle for standing passengers while maintaining generous legroom for those seated. This bus can carry up to 62 passengers, 36 seated and 26 standing. Equipped with warm LED interior lighting and built-in 32-inch TV monitors, commuting can finally be enjoyable. The bus’s powerful air-conditioning by Denso comes with SHARP Plasmacluster Ion Generator that purifies cabin air by disabling airborne contaminants. This and its antibacterial and antiviral interior panels give commuters peace of mind as they utilize public transport.

A relaxing ride is only possible when the driver and passengers are at ease. The Hino Low Floor Bus runs on a J08E common rail, direct injection Euro 4 engine, coupled with a ZF 6-speed automatic transmission. This combination brings powerful performance at 280Ps output and 824Nm of torque while maintaining efficient fuel combustion for a smoother ride. The HS8J is also equipped with front and rear auto-adjusting disc brakes with ABS to ensure safe braking during emergency situations and through various road conditions.

“Hino is proud to offer this new HS8J Low Floor City Bus. As the only commercial vehicle brand in the country offering a complete One-Stop-Shop advantage for customers, Hino is ready and committed to support the Filipino entrepreneur. From truck chassis supply to rear body design and production, special utility requirements and all the way through aftersales, we offer maximized uptime while minimizing costs.

That’s Hino’s Total Support guarantee.” said Mr. Mitsuharu Tabata, President of Hino Motors Philippines. Through the years, the Love Bus has become an icon that made its mark not just on the roads, but also in the Filipino commuters’ hearts. Experience the modern Love Bus through the Hino HS8J Low Floor City Bus available at your nearest Hino dealership.

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