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The New 2023 MG GT in Nuclear Yellow 


When William Morris and Cecil Kimber first opened Morris Garages in the early 1920s, their goal was simple: team up to make the British sports car of their dreams. Since 1924, the year MG officially came to be, the brand has been at the cusp of developing innovative products that buck trends. From the first MG 14/28 sports car, to the land speed record-setting MG EX181 of the 50s; to the beloved two-door roadsters of the 60s and 70s, and all the way to the modern MG 6 XPower used in touring car races, MG has established itself as a car brand that has a long and storied sporting heritage. 

The continuation of this motoring lineage is realized in the present with MG Philippines’ latest vehicle offering—the 2023 MG GT Sports Sedan. Sleek, sporty, stylish, and state of the art, the MG GT embodies its product tagline “Live to Defy” by offering Filipino motorists a vehicle that will challenge their notions of what a sedan can and should be. The MG GT defies the conventional idea of sedans within a similar spec and price range, flaunting impressive power figures, large exterior and interior dimensions, a comfortable cabin, advanced safety elements, and modern driver convenience features, serving a slick alternative that defies the ordinary. Overall, the MG GT offers Car-C specs and features but with a Car-B price tag, countering the commonplace notions that are usually associated with many subcompact sedans. 


Underneath the hood of the MG GT Sport Sedan lies the heart of an athlete: a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine that produces 161 Ps and 250 Nm of torque. This finely tuned engine gives the car quickness and agility off the line, as it propels the vehicle from 0-100kph in just 8.5 seconds. A smooth shifting, 7-speed Twin Clutch Sportronic (TST) Transmission equipped with paddle shifters ensures that every revolution of the MG GT’s spirited engine is efficient, while keeping its power band optimized.

The MG GT’s sporting qualities progress from underneath the hood to the car’s exterior, where aggressive body accent lines and a swooping fastback profile reinforce its athletic stance. Up front, a 3D Digital Flaming Grille is bordered by full LED headlights and daytime running lamps, defining the car’s sporty front fascia. At the rear, bright, highly-visible 3D LED Racetrack Taillamps cut through the darkness, a ducktail accent on the trunk adds a premium touch, and a split tailpipe give the car an energetic finishing note. 

The 2023 MG GT Sport Sedan, the newest sedan offering from MG Philippines, is officially available for retail from any of MG Philippines’ 42 dealerships nationwide 


Get inside the MG GT Sport Sedan and it’s a treat for both drivers and passengers. Behind the wheel, getting into a comfortable driving position is a cinch thanks to a power adjustable Zero-Gravity Sports Seat with lumbar support. A highlight of the car’s ergonomic, fighter jet-inspired cockpit is its 12.3-inch full virtual gauge cluster, displaying clear and bright information as it comes to life with a simple press of the car’s push start button. Rounding up the top features on the dashboard is a 10-inch floating HD Touchscreen Infotainment System equipped with Apple Carplay and Android Auto. This screen is also the display unit for the car’s 360-degree camera and reversing camera, when either function is activated. 

The New 2023 MG GT Sport Sedan offers a spirited and engaging drive complemented by modern active and passive safety features, immersive driver controls, and a spacious cabin 

And it’s not all about the driver with the MG GT. The car provides ample space and comfort for up to four more passengers with generous leg room and headroom all around. This can be attributed to the car’s impressive dimensions at 4,675mm long, 1,842mm wide, 1,480mm tall, with a wide 2,680mm wheelbase. What this translates to is maximized cabin and trunk space (401 liters worth of trunk space, to be exact) so every passenger sits comfortably and can bring all their essentials along with them. The MG GT’s dimensions are in fact comparable to many sedans in a higher segment, demonstrating yet another reason for why this is not your typical sedan. 

Modern safety features of the New 2023 MG GT include Forward Collision Warning, or FCW (depicted above); Intelligent High Beam Control (IHC,) Blind Spot Detection (BSD,) Lane Departure Warning (LDW,) and Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA.) 


The MG GT Sport Sedan has power, the looks, and comfort for days, but even more value is added overall with modern passive and active safety features that don’t come standard for many other vehicles at this price point, or in this segment. For starters, the MG GT is assembled with precision, with its high density steel cage body put together with advanced laser brazing, ensuring a rigid and robust chassis and body frame. Apart from this, more specialized safety features include Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB,) Forward Collision Warning (FCW,) Intelligent High Beam Control (IHC,) Blind Spot Detection (BSD,) Lane Departure Warning (LDW,) and Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA.) 

A multitude of on-board tech and advanced features, impressive performance figures, generous interior and exterior dimensions, and an eye-catching style: these qualities place the MG GT at pole position in the highly competitive subcompact segment, as the sport sedan of choice for the modern Filipino.


The New MG GT Sport Sedan, like every vehicle in MG Philippines’ stable, is supplemented by MG Philippines’ host of premium aftersales offers and services. This includes a 5-year or 100,000km warranty (whichever comes first) to set your mind at ease, and MG HERO Services which provides 24/7 roadside support through the MG Philippines hotline (+632-8459-4787.) MG owners can also download the My MG mobile app which allows them to easily schedule vehicle service appointments from the convenience of their smartphones. The app can also be used to book a visit from a Mobile Garage service caravan that provides MG owners with vehicle home service for major technical issues. Every new purchase of the new 2023 MG GT also comes with free periodic maintenance (PMS) for the first 10,000 kilometers or 6 months (whichever comes first.)

The New 2023 MG GT Sport Sedan is available in two variants, and with the following prices (SRP): 

MG GT Alpha Variant: Php 1,015,888.00

MG GT Sport Variant: Php 1,193,888.00

The new 2023 MG GT Sport Sedan is a game changer with superb style, impressive power, and unbeatable value for money—all neatly encapsulated in a sporty, snazzy package. MG’s acclaimed pedigree of exciting, extraordinary vehicles lives on in 2023 through the New MG GT, bringing the original vision of William Morris and Cecil Kimber from nearly a century ago to the present. 

Like all brand-new cars from MG Philippines, the new MG GT Sport Sedan comes with MG Philippines’ signature aftersales complements including a 5-year/100,000km warranty, free PMS for the first 10,000 kilometers or 6 months (whichever comes first), MG roadside assistance services, and access to 24/7 emergency services, to name a few.

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