Saturday, May 20, 2023


Taking a deep dive into the vast ocean of opportunity. The CMPI National Headquarters in Calamba City stands as the Philippine distributorship’s commitment to further Changan Auto’s overseas development strategy. 

Changan Auto display at the 2023 Automotive Industry Exhibition in Shanghai, China

Changan Auto recently reported a total of 2.346 million (M) vehicles sold worldwide, a year-on-year increase of 2%. Of this, 284,000 new energy vehicle (NEV) were sold, or a 160.5% increase, year on year. Changan Auto closed 2022 with net profit of RMB 7.798 billion (US$1.122-B), a year-on-year increase of 119.52%. 

These outstanding results in sales volume and profit bode well for Changan’s overseas development strategy, dubbed “Vast Ocean Plan,” which was formally announced at the recently concluded Automotive Industry Exhibition in Shanghai, China. 

Vast Ocean consists in branching further into Europe, the Americas, Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific, and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) to launch no less than 30 global products by 2025 in 3,000 new overseas outlets. Further, by 2030, Changan Auto aims to cement its position as a world-class automotive brand, surpass its overseas investment of $US10-B, exceed its targeted annual overseas sales volume of 1.2 million (M) units, and add over 10,000 employees to its overseas teams. On the long-term, Changan Auto aims to transform into an intelligent low-carbon travel technology company. Proof to the vision was the Changan Auto display at the Shanghai motor show. Appropriately themed “Changan Reaches the World,” it showcased the company’s full range of new energy products, including the S7, SL03, UNI-V iDD, UNI-K iDD, Z6 iDD, and Lumin.  

“The Changan experience proves how a Chinese global enterprise can drive the industry chain, upstream as well as downstream, tap into new territory, and thrive globally by taking giant steps in future-forward technology. We are one with the Changan global distributorship network in promoting our strong technical reserves and forward-looking vision to the world.”, said Changan Motor Philippines, Inc. (CMPI) President and CEO Maria Fe Perez-Agudo.

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