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Amaron Car Battery: A Testimony to Prove it Can Outlive Them All | Monchster Chronicles

Words and Photos by Monch Henares

Amaron Hi-Life 3SMF battery newly installed on our 1994 Nissan Patrol Safari Diesel

I've been a loyal customer of a popular local battery brand (let's name it M) for many years till I came across a bright green-colored battery from Amaron. Like any new brand in the market, I had my doubts at first. I waited for feedback from people who have used the brand for a minimum of 2 years or 24 months. Why 24 months? Because it is the maximum number of months my local battery M would give as a warranty.

The makers of the local M brand must have done their scientific research on battery life expectancy correctly because, without fail, their batteries would falter exactly a day or two after the warranty period ran out. You will be lucky if it lasts a month or more. Then without any other choice, you're off to buying a new one. It was so regular, that I noted in my car maintenance expenses log the purchase of a new battery every two years. That's a great business plan and marketing ploy I would think.

After reading all the online customer feedback and reviews on Amaron batteries, I was now convinced that, theoretically, this brand was worth the try. I even coaxed my brother way back in 2015 to try it out as he needed a new battery for the family's 1994 Diesel Nissan Patrol Safari. He did purchase a 3SMF from an Amaron dealer in Pasay and I never heard him complain about the battery ever since.

Early February this year, the family's Nissan Safari needed an overhaul of its brake system. Unfortunately, it had zero braking power, thus we never got to drive the vehicle to a brake shop because it needed to be towed. None of us siblings wanted to deal with a tow company. It sat under a tree in our garden for the next 5 months. 

Early this month of August, I was assigned by my siblings to clean up our ancestral home with regards to all car-related stuff which included scattered tools, car parts, and the vehicles that needed to be worked on. One Sunday, I went to the house to find the Nissan Safari still sitting under this big tree. I propped up the hood and checked all the oil and fluid levels before I fired up the engine. There it was, the Amaron battery that we purchased 8 years ago. 

I turned the key and all the ignition lights came on, but it didn't have enough cranking power to start it up. I then left it connected to a battery charger overnight. I came back the next day to find it didn't take the charge and the voltage remained below 12V. I guess the battery's life has come to an end after not being in service for nearly 5 long months.

Our 1994 Nissan Patrol Safari Diesel parked under a tree for 5 long months

If I were to decide on what battery to get, I would decide on a brand that would last another 7 or more years. So I did just that. I got a new battery from an Amaron dealer store and installed it. It took only one quick turn of the key to make this sleeping brute come to life. My problem now was how to bring it to a brake service shop. Back to square one?

This Amaron battery's long life was incredible. Now I really got curious and did some research on what made it a long-lasting car battery. 

Here are some qualities that I found on the Amaron Philippines website:


- Long Life - Reformulated Advanta™ paste recipe and Superior Silver Alloy Technology with a SILVEN X™ formulation by Johnson Controls (USA) for the most durable grid. 

- No Leakage / Improved Safety - Patented BIC Vents.

- Zero Maintenance - No top-ups, High Heat Technology for Philippine tropical weather.

- Higher Cranking Power - Largest Intercell Welds, 19mm Lugs.

- Fully Sealed & Tested - Factory Charged, Wet Shipped.

- Longer sustained power in high cycle environment.

- Corrosion and heat-resistant electrodes

- Made in India

This must be the formula for a peak-performing, long-lasting car battery that is definitely superior to any local brand available. Imagine, it lasted three times longer than the other brand that I've tried. 

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