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Legado Motors is Exclusive PH Distributor of Dongfeng Motors Passenger EVs and HEVs | Monchster Chronicles

Dongfeng Motors Inc (DMI), has chosen Legado Motors Inc. (LMI) as its official distributor of Dongfeng passenger vehicles in the Philippines.  At this year's Shanghai Motor Show in China, the LMI team headed by Legado Motors’ VP of Operations, Giovanni Frias signed a collaboration agreement with Dongfeng to import electric and hybrid vehicles.   

Legado Motors Inc., a relative newcomer, was established in 2018. Although LMI is in its infancy, it shows promising potential in the automotive industry. As a newer player,  LMI aims to carve its own path and make a name for itself in this dynamic and competitive market. 

Dongfeng Motors Inc., founded in 1969, is one of China’s largest automobile groups, after more than 50 years of development, DMI has become an industrial leader in R&D,  manufacturing, and marketing. Meanwhile, the Dongfeng brand has become a well-known name for its commercial vehicles.  Now the brand brings a new line of passenger vehicles into the market, which includes SUVs, MPVs, mini-CVs, and many more. Moreover, Dongfeng Motors offers new-energy vehicles, along with HEV, all-electric, and natural gas vehicles. 

This October 16, Legado Motors Inc. will be launching Dongfeng Motors as the latest brand of passenger vehicles to hit the Philippine shores starting off with their EVs and hybrids.

What really made the Legado team accept DMi's offer was the make and look of the car, it was very catchy and trendy, and the specifications were really value for money. The CEO of Legado, Mr. Wilbert Lim, mentioned that  “It could really do well in the local scene, and seeing what Dongfeng is going through in order to  compete with other big brands in China, Dongfeng will do very well in the Philippines.” They were impressed with the state-of-the-art green technology that was being utilized by Dongfeng Motors.  “We specifically chose their environmentally friendly cars because it is about time that we do our  part for the environment.” 

Dongfeng Philippines is a partnership between Legado Motors Inc.,  Dr. Jose Chua, Dra. Juanita Chua, Ms. Rachel Villaneuva, and Dexter Co.

Dr. Jose Chua and his wife, Dra. Juanita Chua, have long been in the automotive industry, despite their medical profession. Their love for cars and the automotive industry has always fueled their passion. What started as an interest in attending car activities and exploring automobiles took an unexpected turn when they were invited to visit a car manufacturer in China. 

Excited about this new opportunity, the Chua couple eagerly embraced the chance to witness the incredible automotive innovations firsthand. The impressive technology, sleek designs, and exceptional performance of the Chinese cars deeply captivated them. They were amazed by the convenience of driving an electric car without constant charging and were particularly impressed by a car that could travel an impressive 430kms on a single charge. It became their dream to bring this brand to their home country, the Philippines. 

Meanwhile, Rachel Villanueva sits as the president of Autoflare, a high-end car dealership. While she started her career as a member of the Viva Hot Babes, she found her true calling in sales where she found great success. Utilizing her sales expertise, Ms. Rachel has made significant contributions to the automotive business sector. Her encounter with Dongfeng cars left a lasting impression, as she expressed her admiration for the advanced technology and premium driving experience they offer. The outstanding car designs, encompassing both interior and exterior aesthetics, as well as cutting-edge technology, left her thoroughly impressed. 

Joining Ms. Villanueva on this automotive venture is Mr. Dexter Co, a veteran of the industry with almost 19 years of experience. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the automotive business, Mr. Co was equally impressed by Dongfeng Motors. He owns multiple dealerships across Luzon, from the north to the south. 

Mr. Dexter Co's love and passion for cars have propelled him to become one of the top car dealership owners in the Philippines. Together, he and Ms. Rachel Villanueva are known as the power couple of the automotive industry. Mr. Co has been an inspiration to Ms. Rachel, while she admires his business ideals. 

Both Ms. Villanueva and Mr. Co developed a deep appreciation for Dongfeng Motors after personally experiencing their technological advancements and exceptional quality. These factors influenced their decision to venture into partnership with Dongfeng Motors, solidifying their trust and confidence in the brand. They have been in a business partnership with Mr. Wilbert Lim for quite a while now.

Dongfeng Motors brings with it groundbreaking technology and years of automotive expertise. It is truly a game changer, not only locally but also on a global scale. In a rapidly changing world, this launch presents an extraordinary opportunity for the market to flourish and for the Philippines to embrace a new era in mobility.

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