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Choi Garden Manila Sumptuously Opens It's Doors at the Winford Hotel and Casino

“Good food, reasonable prices, and quality service,” these are what make up a successful restaurant according to Choi Garden Manila President Benito Gaw as his team opened up at new five-star Hotel Winford Hotel and Casino (WHC) last August 18, 2017. Being the newest Choi Garden restaurant after branches in Greenhills and Makati, the WHC outlet will be the biggest. Catering mostly to families looking to celebrate, Choi Garden Manila has a seating capacity of 300 on the second floor with eight private rooms, a presidential room with lavatory, as well as a ballroom on the fourth floor which can seat up to 700 guests in a Chinese Lauriat-style setting.

Benito Gaw - President - Chio Garden Manila Welcoming The VIPs
“The restaurant here in WHC will look more luxurious as evident in its interiors,” said Gaw emphasizing how the look and feel of the establishment goes well with WHC’s own design. He also revealed that the architect behind the beautiful Choi Garden Manila is none other than the famed Jose Antonio Nazareno of Nazareno + Guerrero Design Consultancy, renowned for delivering high-end, upscale residential projects. 

Modern Entrance to the Restaurant

Seating Capacity of 300
Upper Floor Dining Area

Presidential Room w/ Lavatory
In the kitchen, an experienced Hong Kong chef who has cooked for fine dining restaurants in Hong Kong and Thailand runs Choi Garden Manila. Executive Chef Ho Wai Kit, along with three other chefs from Hong Kong and China, have all mastered traditional Cantonese and Chinese dishes such as suckling pig with glutinous rice, shark’s fin soup, Peking duck, hot prawn salad, fried pigeon, and Choi Garden’s set of dim sum classics.

Suckling Pig w/ Glutinous Rice
Whole Fried Scallop Ring
Deep-Fried Pigeon

For chef specialties, Chef Kit can enumerate a long line of dishes that are popular among foodies. Among these are the poonchay Chinese mix hotpot, boiled patola with suahe and black fungus, seafood tofu pot, minced pork with eggplant, and braised fish head in casserole, among others.

XO Sauce Shrimp w/ Celery

Braised Shark's Fin w/ Crab Meat Soup

“We have secret recipes that set every dish apart from other Cantonese-styled restaurants,” said Chef Kit. “Rest assured, the food here in Choi Garden Manila will remain faithful to the standard and quality of that in our Greenhills and Makati outlets,” assured Gaw.

Singapore Style Crab

Australian Abalone w/ Mushroom

For seasonal specialties such as braised fish maw with abalone sauce, steam suahe, calmex abalone, steam rock lobster with garlic, and salt pepper sea mantis, advanced orders are required as the meat and authentic ingredients are shipped fresh daily from Hong Kong markets.

Choi Garden Manila is indeed another exciting addition to WHC’s superb offerings for its guests, and what will surely be welcome news to the Filipino-Chinese community in Manila’s Greater Chinatown.

Watch Facebook Live Video of Opening Night

More Photo of Opening Event

Mr. and Miss Chinatown 2017 Candidates

Sen. Edgardo Angara

Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

Mayor Joseph E. Estrada Painting Chinese Lion's Eyes at Eye-Dotting Ceremony

Distinguished Guests Domingo Yap, Mayor Joseph E. Estrada, Dr. Andrew L. Tan

VIP Table

Opening Night Menu

Steamed Lapu-Lapu

Hong Kong Style Pao

Beautifully Laid-Out Menu

For more on Winford Hotel and Casino, visit or call the Guest Services Hotline at (632) 528-3600.

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