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The New Mercedes-Benz S-Class: The Pinnacle of Luxury || Monchster Chronicles

The seventh-generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The seventh-generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class is shaping the next generation of contemporary and individual mobility with innovations that focus on people. With its latest innovations, the new S-Class is more thoughtful to its passengers. More in tune with its driver and everyone inside the car, more protective of those within or even near its elegant presence.

Mr. Frankie Ang, Chief Operating Officer at Auto Nation Group, Inc during the virtual launch held last September 28, 2021

“The new S-Class has undergone the most extensive refinement process in the history of Mercedes-Benz,” says Mr. Frankie Ang, Chief Operating Officer at Auto Nation Group, Inc. “The brand did to the new S-Class what it does best – putting the customers in the center. It can now be experienced with all the senses – seeing, feeling, hearing, and smelling – while offering impressive innovations in the areas of driver assistance, protection, and interaction. 

So now, let us show you the highlights of the new S-Class in detail.

Modern Luxury in its Most Desirable Form

The S-Class has always been a design icon. From previous generations to the current model, the S-Class is a testament to timeless elegance and sophistication.

The S-Class is designed as a classical sedan with perfect proportions

The dimensions have grown – with a long bonnet, short overhang, long wheelbase, flowing C-Pillar, and balanced rear overhang, the S-Class is designed as a classical sedan with perfect proportions. Through the long wheelbase and AMG Design line, it helps underscore the expressive character of the car highlighted by 21-inch multi-spoke AMG wheels. The front section is also notable with the gleaming star standing proud above the radiator grille. This new exterior defines the brand’s distinct design philosophy of ‘sensual purity’ in its most modern form.

21-inch multi-spoke AMG wheels

Innovation Written All Over Its Face

The face of the new S-Class highlights the way forward in the dark with its innovative Digital Light Headlights with its new ‘three-dot design’. These headlights represent one of the amazing innovations with more than one million pixels per headlamp that provide optimal lighting for every situation while driving. Thus, further enhances the safety and visibility for you and others on the road.

Digital Light Headlights with its new ‘three-dot design’

Pioneering Design

The seamless door handles are a completely new development. The door handles will automatically extend when you approach the car and retracts when the doors are locked.

Retractable door handles

Leaving a lasting impression, the S-Class’ rear has got it too. The broad emphasis of the tail end is highlighted by the new two-piece horizontal taillamps, with a pleasing 3D-like display, sequential indicator lamps, two visible exhaust tail tips, and a rear diffuser. All these combine to create the more modern appeal of the new S-Class.

The new two-piece horizontal taillamps, with a pleasing 3D-like display

An Interior to Inspire

The interior of the S-Class is expansively inviting – another benchmark of luxury. The moment you enter the car, you’ll immediately be greeted with a coming-home feeling. 

Comfort is an absolute priority in the new S-Class, and what is great is that – this priority can be enjoyed by every passenger. For those passengers seated at the rear, they can simply recline the electric seats, extend the leg rest, and give themselves a relaxing massage. It feels like flying first-class with spacious, comfortable, and highly adjustable executive seats.

The executive seats ombined with the finest exclusive Nappa leather

Reclining electric seats with extending the leg rest, and massager

The trendsetting interior can be experienced with almost all senses – sight, touch, hearing, and smell. The executive seats themselves are an automotive benchmark for luxury travel comfort. Combined with the finest exclusive Nappa leather, and the elegant diamond patterns further elevate the experience of contemporary luxury.

Two-zone rear airconditioning

The new S-Class brings the Mercedes-Benz User Experience to each passenger at the back with its high-end rear-seat entertainment system and two fully integrated 11.6-inch touch displays with brilliant graphic quality – paired with the crisp and powerful 3D sound quality of the Burmester 3D surround sound system with 15 speakers and a total system output of 710 watts.

High-end rear-seat entertainment system

With all these features at the rear seat, passengers can watch movies or simply browse the internet at the comfort of their own seats. It can be easily controlled by touch through the MBUX rear tablet just in the armrest or simply say “Hey Mercedes” and ask it to give you a hot stone massage. The new S-Class is more interactive than ever, with everything accessible from your seat.

Refrigerated compartment by the center of the armrest

And to add up the luxury experience, passengers can access a refrigerated compartment by the center of the armrest, keeping drinks cold even if temperatures might rise outside.

Active Ambient Lighting

Then there’s the Active Ambient Lighting. It provides a serene ambiance to suit each passenger’s mood while on the move with lights strips that appear almost out of nowhere, and are conspicuously located in the instrument panel, continues along with the doors, and into the rear. It increasingly boosts a feel-good vibe while on the road while also enhancing the passenger’s safety by showing visual warnings of any danger.

Active Ambient Lighting

Climb Aboard and Be Blown Away

The design innovation continues to the front, driving the S-Class proves to be a pleasurable experience as well. With its interior architecture inspired by a yacht-like design concept, the S-Class is equipped with exquisite materials and fine surfaces.

12.3-inch OLED touchscreen is the centerpiece of the S-Class’ cockpit

The slim and elegant 12.3-inch OLED touchscreen is the centerpiece of the S-Class’ cockpit. Its MBUX system also got smarter, it gets to know you and keeps on learning.

It can recognize your fingerprint and remember your personal settings – and responds to your natural voice

Behind the wheel, you will be greeted by an atmosphere of pure luxury. Loaded with state-of-the-art technology and innovation. It can recognize your fingerprint and remember your personal settings – and responds to your natural voice.

Driving an S-Class also means confidence on the road with a sense of perfect control. Everything is well positioned and driver-oriented, either at a hand’s reach or with the command of your voice. It has a host of driver assistance systems such as the Active Distance Assist, Active Lane Keeping Assist, Active Brake Assist, Active Parking Assist, and a whole lot more that make for a semi-autonomous driving experience for the driver. Everything is about minimalism and ease of use.

Everything is well positioned and driver-oriented, either at a hand’s reach or with the command of your voice

With the car’s size and weight, the new S-Class is definitely no slouch. Its 3-liter, in-line 6 cylinder engine with 4MATIC ALL-WHEEL DRIVE – now has an EQ Boost mild-hybrid system, and puts out 435 horsepower and 520-newton meters of torque.  More than enough to plow through the streets of the metro, and cruise along on gentle long drives. This is mated with a 9-speed automatic transmission with seamless gear changes, all conveniently controlled by the DIRECT SELECT gear lever ergonomically located just by the steering wheel.


Adding to the driving dynamics, you can select among 5 different driving modes with the DYNAMIC SELECT switch. Paired with the AIRMATIC air suspension helping the new S-Class react sensitively to the unevenness of the roads.

Cares For You More Than Ever

The new S-Class focuses on the essentials: unique comfort and safety technologies on which you can rely on, whether you are the driver or a passenger. True to its commitment, Mercedes-Benz delivers the best or nothing when it comes to safety.

The new S-Class sets a benchmark in automotive safety with its intelligent rear seat airbag for frontal impacts. Thanks to being comprehensively equipped with a range of innovative safety and assistance systems, the new S-Class can provide palpable stress relief and support, while helping to avoid hazardous situations. For example, through all-around monitoring of the vehicle's surroundings by the new PRE-SAFE® Impulse system.

Intelligent rear seat airbag for frontal impacts

And now with the pandemic, the new S-Class levels up your protection with its whole cabin with air filtration, ionization, and fragrancing. Passengers can breathe in the clean and fragrant air. Everything was well thought out to ensure that every journey is relaxing and pleasant, with the highest level of confidence that the S-Class cares for you.

A car with a sense of awareness that is there for you at every level, working with you and thinking ahead, always with your wellbeing at heart. A partner you can rely on and in which you can confidently put your trust. Because everything that matters most to you matters now more than ever to the S-Class.

The new S-Class will be available for viewing in all Mercedes-Benz Dealerships at: Mercedes-Benz EDSA-Greenhills (02) 8784 5001/ 0939 937 2009, Mercedes-Benz Bonifacio Global City (02) 8815 7777/ 0920 974 4575, Mercedes-Benz Alabang (02) 8553-6334 / 0905 435 2840, and Mercedes-Benz Cebu (32) 260 3333/ 0917 718 2369. Rest assured that strict health and safety protocols are implemented for a worry-free visit. You may also visit our online showroom for more details. 

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