Monday, October 4, 2021

Land Rover Philippines Releases 200th Defender Vehicle || Monchster Chronicles

Defender 200th owner's kit.

A year after the Asia premiere of its much-awaited return, the Philippine distributor gladly announces the milestone for the iconic SUV. 

Leading in the regional sales for the Defender, Chris Ward, president of Land Rover Philippines, credits its success to the market’s fondness for the Land Rover brand and for everything adventure.

Chris Ward, President of Land Rover Philippines happy with the Defender cake.

“Launching the vehicle head-on with the Covid-19 situation, we were unsure of how the Defender line would initially take off. Not surprisingly, it was very well received in the Philippine market. The amount of support of its enthusiasts for the brand was tremendous. Customers rushed to reserve their unit instantly after the reveal. The Philippines’ following for the vehicle keeps on growing as we see more drivers find the love for everything adventure -- and that is what the Defender brand stands for.” 

Coventry Motors Corporation (CMC), the sole authorized distributor of Land Rover vehicles, parts, and accessories in the Philippines, announces the release of its 200th Defender vehicle. 

President of one of the best car clubs in the country, The Land Rover Club of the Philippines, Robby Consunji, expresses his delight on the news. 

“It is often said that -- Land Rover talks about its ‘spirit of adventure’ … this is the single most important quality of its vehicles. We all know that the New Defender contains state-of-the-art technology to conquer the most difficult terrain. It is a statement of personal taste, a luxurious sense of style, and a die-hard passion for all-terrain adventure. For the owner of the new Land Rover Defender, your New Defender will take you to all the good remote unexplored destinations and will open up new opportunities for you.”

From left, Ryan Bermudez – AVP, Sales, James Knowles -  AVP, Aftersales, and Chris Ward- President, Coventry Motors Corp.

Customers can start their journey towards adventure with the Defender 110 and 90 at All British Cars showrooms and personalize their vehicle with four Accessory Packs to choose from. The Urban, Country, Adventure, and Explorer Packs each give Defender a distinct character with a specially selected range of enhancements.

Explore ultimate personalization at All British Cars showroom in EDSA Greenhills and at the BGC Boutique Showroom in 5th Ave. cor. 24th Street.

The 200th Defender is hidden behind the cover.

Clients may set an appointment before visiting the showroom or book a virtual appointment by contacting (02) 8784 5003 | 0919 083 6397 for Greenhills or (02) 8424 4200 / 0919 083 6726 For BGC.

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